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Enough Already About The "Mac Web"
Monday, September 18, 2000 — by Jon Bonner

In the past several months, we've witnessed some nasty catfights among writers on the so-called "Mac Web." You know, these writers have been at it so long and seen their name printed on enough web pages that they now seem to believe they're actually hot stuff.

Consumed with their huge egos (filling heads that no longer fit through normal sized doorways) and burdened with the fact that writing about Mac issues isn't as easy as it was when Apple was "beleaguered," they've taken to butting heads with each other publicly via their respective web sites.

I find that sort of behavior immature and childish, but whatever. It is easy enough to press the back button on my browser.

However, now I've begun to see additional editorials - from writers I really respect - containing commentary about the catfights. So in addition to the catfights themselves, we also have careful analysis of the psychology behind the catfights and the sociology behind the "Mac Web."

What's next?

Has Mac news become so boring - has it become that difficult to find something interesting to write about the Mac - that writers now have to write about themselves and each other?

Here's hoping those involved can "get a grip."



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